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EBC On Tap was an open-format show where we gave ourselves no limits on what we could do within the episodes. In any given week, On Tap might feature a conversation that didn't make the final cut of EpicBattleCry, an interview with an industy insider, or just provide room for an off-the-cuff discussion that would be too long to fork into a normal episode of EBC. The show also gave birth to the Feedback format of doing a Q & A with the Axehead community which would later evovle into its own show, Force Feedback.

  • EBC On Tap 020 - A Word That Isn’t Dubious

    July 13, 2012

    EBC On Tap 020 - A Word That Isn’t Dubious
    Nothing makes the heat tolerable like kerosene, its EpicBattleCry On-Tap! This week, while DK is off propping up something called a ‘tv show,’ Tony and I break out the discussion on disruptive technology in the game industry and talk about how recent announcements like Sony purchasing Gaikai, OnLive finding its way into Google TV, and the massively successful Kickstarter campaign for the OUYA console may fundamentally change gaming.

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  • EBC On Tap 019 - March 2012 – #2

    March 30, 2012

    EBC On Tap 019 - March 2012 – #2
    Forget taking the stairs down, take the ledge; its EpicBattleCry On Tap! This week, as Tony and I ride Lone-Ranger-and-Tonto-style, we break down the lastest round of bad news out of THQ, ponder rumors of a new stripped down Xbox console in 2013, discuss the buzz of Sony’s ‘Orbis‘ project and the potential hardware and services they’ll feature in their next-gen game console. Plus, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Assassin’s Creed 3, and EA closes in on worst company of 2012!

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  • EBC On Tap 018 - March ’12

    March 9, 2012

    EBC On Tap 018 - March ’12
    Break open the casks and feast, its EpicBattleCry On Tap! This week, we discuss the new direction 343 Industries says they are planning for Halo 4, discuss the potential promise and pitfalls of a Valve console, and whether or not Peter Molyneux has the formula to singlehandedly concoct hardcore Kinect gaming with Fable: The Journey.

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  • EBC On Tap 017 - The St Valentine’s Day Massacre

    February 3, 2012

    EBC On Tap 017 - The St Valentine’s Day Massacre
    Face the wall and kiss your ass goodbye, its EpicBattleCry On-Tap! With DK out-of-town for a couple weeks on official awesome-duty, Brent, Tony, and Lorin pull up a chair to discuss the onslaught of gaming news that has descended upon us this week. Is EA shifting gears on the Online Pass? Is THQ in real financial trouble? Does the Skyrim Creation Kit own your unworthy ass? There’s only one way to find out, grab a stein and pour a round, its EpicBattleCry On-Tap!

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  • EBC On Tap 016 – Jared Gerritzen

    January 26, 2011

    EBC On Tap 017 – Jared Gerritzen
    Head for the escape pods and don’t forget the pizza, its time for EBC On Tap! If you’ve listened to the latest Skirmish of EpicBattleCry you know we recently had a chance to sit down with Jared Gerritzen of Zombie Studios to discuss the upcoming Blacklight Free-to-Play and the new direction it promises for the franchise. Today, we’re releasing that full interview, unedited and uncensored.

    We talk the free-to-play model, addressing player concerns over microtransactions, and how to keep people coming back for more. Check it out and then sound off below! Let us know what you think about the interview and the upcoming Blacklight sequel! And don’t forget to check out the EBA-exclusive screens we have up now in the Image Gallery

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  • EBC On Tap 015 - A Blockbuster Announcement

    August 22, 2010

    EBC On Tap 015 - A Blockbuster Announcement
    As happens often when we record a fresh Skirmish of EpicBattleCry, sometimes we have a discussion topic that doesn’t make it into the show simply because of time constraints. This past week, when features writer, Lorin Baumgarten joined us for EBC Skirmish 86, we discussed the news that Blockbuster will begin offering games as part of their discs-by-mail program. Lorin did some research on the matter and discovered some interesting facts about the new initiative which spawned quite the discussion regarding what this will mean for big blue, dedicated game services like GameFly, and ultimately gamers.

    So, strap in, fire it up, and punch yourself in the face, we’ve got EBC On Tap!

    Stay sharp!

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  • EBC On Tap 014 - Hulu Plus

    July 5, 2010

    EBC On Tap 014 - Hulu Plus
    Greetings! With all the holiday festivities going on over the weekend here in the States, today’s Skirmish of EpicBattleCry is going to be going up a bit later than usual. In the meantime, we thought we’d give you a morsel of an appetizer to hold you over for the main course.

    We had a brief discussion this week on the newly announced Hulu Plus service. Since we’re trying to get the running time of EBC back under control (those hour long episodes aren’t messing around) we decided to trim out this topic from today’s Skirmish and release it as on On Tap!

    So, give it a listen and let us know what you think of Hulu’s new paid service. Does it have the bones to justify the subscription or is it just making viewers jump through hoops?

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  • EBC On Tap 013 - Bonus Round Debate

    February 25, 2010

    EBC On Tap 013 - Bonus Round Debate
    The recent comments made by Naughty Dog co-founder Jason Rubin on The Bonus Round has sparked more than a little discussion among gamers. Subscriptions, micro-transactions and other alternative business models for the game industry seem like an inevitability at this point. We discussed our thoughts at length for this week’s show and wound up with enough material to fill an entire skirmish of EBC. For those of you who are interested in hearing our full discussion, we bring you an EpicBattleCry On Tap dedicated to the debate on the future of the gaming business. Please share your thoughts in the comments below, we really are interested to hear how everyone feels about this.

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  • EBC On Tap 012 - Heavy Rain Demo

    February 23, 2010

    EBC On Tap 012 - Heavy Rain Demo
    When we sat down to record this week’s BattleCry episode, we knew we had a lot of opinions to share on the Heavy Rain demo. Too many as it turned out; we had to cut more than half our conversation to squeeze it into the skirmish. Thankfully, this is the exact reason mighty Odin invented EpicBattleCry On Tap! So here, as promised, is our full, un-cut discussion on the Heavy Rain demo.

    Check it out and share your thoughts with us after the jump.

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  • EBC On Tap 011 - Modern Warfare 2 Controversy

    November 5, 2009

    EBC On Tap 011 - Modern Warfare 2 Controversy
    ‘Lo Axe Heads and welcome back for an all new EBC On Tap! In this past week’s episode of EpicBattleCry, we talked about the cloud forming over the release of Modern Warfare 2 due to the slimming of the game’s feature set and upwardly mobile pricing philosophy.

    Although we didn’t have time there to talk about it then, we decided to sit down for a few minutes today and discuss the other major controversy surrounding MW2: the leaked video footage of the now infamous Airport mission. Violence in gaming, censorship, and moral atrocities are all under the Axe in this week’s On Tap.

    Sound off below, we’d really like to hear from you on this.

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  • EBC On Tap 010 - Nathan Fouts

    October 22, 2009

    EBC On Tap 010 - Nathan Fouts
    Well, we took our sweet ass time with it, but we are back with an all new EpicBattleCry On Tap! In this edition, we sit down with indie developer Nathan Fouts of Mommy’s Best Games. Following the success of Weapon of Choice on Xbox Live, Fouts and his team are getting ready to follow up with Grapple Buggy. We talk about his difficult road into the industry, the games he left his mark on there, and the decision to strike out on his own.

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  • EBC On Tap 009 - Bang Camaro

    September 9, 2009

    EBC On Tap 009 - Bang Camaro
    If you miss the heady days of arena rock and think any band worth its salt needs at least eight lead vocalists, then it might be time for you to pick up a Bang Camaro album. The Boston-based hard rock band has spent the last few years gaining ground in the music scene thanks, in no small part, to their songs winding up in video games such as Guitar Hero 2, Rock Band / Rock Band 2, and Madden NFL 10.

    We sat down with founding members Bryn Bennett and Alex Necochea to discuss the state of indie rock, having their music featured in some of the biggest video games ever, and what it takes to make it in the post-iTunes music biz.

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  • EBC On Tap 008 - PlayStation 3 Slimline Announcement

    August 18, 2009

    EBC On Tap 008 - PlayStation 3 Slimline Announcement
    Lo Axe Heads! Well, this is a day many of us have been waiting for; Sony dropped the price of the PlayStation 3 by one hundred dollars today and announced the long rumored PS3 Slimline model would arriving September 1st priced at $299. In this episode of EBC On Tap, we discuss the ramifications of Sony’s announcement and what this will mean for the console war moving ahead. Also, in this week’s show, we bring on special guest James Brightman of IndustryGamers.com to provide his analysis of today’s move and how it impacts the industry.

    Remember to sound off below or post a video response to the EBA Youtube channel and each week, we’ll pick a new comment to become the next Member Battle Cry in an upcoming Skirmish of EpicBattleCry! Stay sharp.

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  • EBC On Tap 007 -Violence in Videogames

    August 15, 2009

    EBC On Tap 007 -Violence in Videogames
    In this past week’s Skirmish of EpicBattleCry, we mentioned proposed legislation in Germany that would ban violent games from that country. Wherever these laws are proposed, they are based on the belief that the simulated violence in video games influences all-too-real behavior. After our brief conversation, we decided to take a bit more time and focus on this issue; one that has placed gaming in the cross-hairs of politicians and moral pundits the world over.

    Does violence in games affect players in a negative way? Are the perpetrators of school shootings influenced by the graphic violence of Doom or Counter-Strike? Why are violent games so prevalent to begin with? In this week’s On Tap, we sit down to share our thoughts on gaming’s most controversial topic.

    Be sure to share your thoughts in our forum topic, we’d really like to hear what you all have to say on this.

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  • EBC On Tap 006 - Gaikai

    July 11, 2009

    EBC On Tap 006 - Gaikai
    Happy hack-n-slash to all! In this weekend edition of EpicBattleCry On Tap we take aim at the recently announced Gaikai. A cloud-computing-based gaming service similar to OnLive, Gaikai is the brainchild of industry veteran David Perry. A recent screencast and in-depth article at Eurogamer lays out the particulars of the new service and why they think its more plausible than the now infamous OnLive.

    We take a long hard look at Gaikai, how it shapes up against OnLive, and where cloud-based gaming is headed in this edition of EBC On Tap.

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  • EBC On Tap 005 - Skirmish 033 Feedback

    June 16, 2009

    EBC On Tap 005 - Skirmish 033 Feedback
    Greetings citizens of the Axe Land, behold the following episode of EBC On Tap, the uncut and raw version of the EpicBattleCry podcast where we gather, partake of brews, and hit the record button. Today we’re delivering some feedback to your feedback based on the comments from the latest EBC Skirmish as found on our site and GameTrailers.com. We address Natal trash talk, we address the Superman gaming issue, and we undress ourselves to offer you our souls…which is why everyone can be happy this is audio only.


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  • EBC On Tap 004 - Axe Head Q&A

    June 25, 2009

    EBC On Tap 004 - Axe Head Q&A
    You asked and we answered. In this EBC Feedback we field questions from you, the mighty Children of the Axe. Where is the 360 headed, what do we think of FFXIV, are we using performance-enhancing products derived from bull sharks? All this and more you shall soon know (whether you want to or not)

    A big thank you to everyone who dropped questions for the maiden voyage of this EBC feature. If you all like this segment and would like to see more, drop us another sack-full of questions in the comments below and next week we’ll see you all again for another Feedback loop.

    Stay sharp my friends.

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  • EBC On Tap 003 - PSP Go!

    June 14, 2009

    EBC On Tap 003 - PSP Go!
    In this edition of EBC On Tap we take a closer look at the PSP Go since it’s official announcement at E3 2009. Does the new handheld have what it takes to score big with gamers (despite its price tag), are current PSP owners gonna get bent over to migrate from UMD? WIth a lineup of games this strong, does it even matter?

    Find out in this fresh serving of EBC On Tap.

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  • EBC On Tap 002 - E3 2009 Wrap Up Day Two

    June 3, 2009

    EBC On Tap 002 - E3 2009 Wrap Up Day Two
    Tonight, Tony and I fly solo as DK is busy with E3 stuff on the West Coast. We analyze the Nintendo and Sony press conferences, talk about what worked, what didn’t, and make fun of Daniel. All in a day’s work for the tireles crew of EpicBattleAxe.

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  • EBC On Tap 001 - E3 2009 Wrap Up Day One

    June 1, 2009

    EBC On Tap 001 - E3 2009 Wrap Up Day One
    Hey all, we’re up late, we’re tired, we’re drunk. But we’re also totally pumped over E3. So we jumped on a quick skype call and decided to run through our thoughts on the first day of E3 2009. We talk over our favorite moments from the Microsoft press conference, drool over BioWare’s trailer for The Old Republic, and speak our minds about the Xbox 360 Natal demo.

    This is the crew of EpicBattleCry off the cuff, uncut, and on tap

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