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The Postmortem editions of The Axe Factor grew organically out of the hands-on game talk featured in the main podcast. Each episode was dedicated to examining a single title in extreme detail and dissecting what worked and, more importantly, why. Consciously avoiding classification of a "review" show, Postmortem was a chance to talk honestly and in-depth about the games we love.

TAF Postmortem

  • TAF Postmortem 008: Ether One

    May 3, 2014

    Postmortem: Ether One
    That's not a wrench, its another Postmortem! This week, we are so pleased to sit down and discuss the debut title from White Paper Games, Ether One! This is a special episode, not just because Ether One is the first Postmortem title we've discussed that features Oculus Rift support, not just because a few of the developers are members of The Axehead Army, but because we are joined on this Postmortem by Game Designer Pete Bottomley and Technical Artist James Burton!

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  • TAF Postmortem 007: Beyond: Two Souls

    March 4, 2014

    TAF Postmortem: Beyond: Two Souls
    This week, we're back with a new Postmortem discussing one of the most polarizing games from the PS3 era: Beyond: Two Souls. Did this game's A-list cast, dynamic mix of intimate drama and high adventure, and profound subject matter win us over? We won't know until we break out the scalpels!

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  • TAF Postmortem 006: Batman Arkham Origins

    November 14, 2013

    TAF Postmortem: Batman Arkham Origins
    Nothing can save you now, its another Postmortem! This week, we delve into the agony and ecstacy that is Batman: Arkham Origins. From the game's infamous bugs, to its undeniable ambition, we hold nothing back in our post-play analysis of this controversial title. Be warned: spoilers abound in both the episode and the comments.

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  • TAF Postmortem 005: Batman Arkham City

    September 9, 2013

    TAF Postmortem: Batman Arkham City
    Grab the smoke pellets and the grapple gun, its an all-new Axe Factor Postmortem. This time, we go back into our catalog to discuss one of the finest games of this, or any, generation: Batman: Arkham City! From the series' amazing innovations in combat, to its stellar voice acting, and profound depth of gameplay experience, we dissect our enthusiasm for this best-of-breed title.

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  • TAF Postmortem 004: The Last of Us

    August 16, 2013

    TAF Postmortem: The Last of Us
    FINALLY! After months of waiting, internet woes, and a move out-of-the-country, we finally sit down to discuss our thoughts on the latest entry from Naughty Dog, The Last of Us.

    This will be an interesting Postmortem in that this is the first game that Lorin and I share almost no common ground on. Grab a large beverage and settle in for a massive conversation as we dive into our divergent experiences with The Last of Us.

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  • TAF Postmortem 003: Borderlands 2

    July 23, 2013

    TAF Postmortem: Borderlands 2
    Keep shooting, we'll revive you. Its The Axe Factor! As Lorin is completing his move to Brazil, we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to make good on our promise to deliver an in-depth Postmortem on a game we've mentioned countless times on the show, Gearbox Software's diabolically popular FPSRPG, Borderlands 2! Pull up a chair and join us as we dive into this remarkable title and talk about our reaction to one of the most popular titles of the current generation.

    As with all our Postmortems, bear in mind that this is an open discussion that will include spoilers about the ending of the game.

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  • TAF Postmortem 002: BioShock Infinite

    April 4, 2013

    TAF Postmortem: BioShock Infinite
    Hold on to your bucking bronco and grab a fistfull of bird seed, its time for another Postmortem! This week, we settle in to discuss one of the most anticipated titles in gaming: BioShock Infinite. We slice deep with a no-holds-barred discussion of the game's design, mechanics, and story. End game spoilers and major plot-point discussion have been warned.

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  • TAF Postmortem 001: Tomb Raider

    March 22, 2013

    TAF Postmortem: Tomb Raider
    Grab an ice axe and prepare to survive as we sit down for an epic 90+ minute postmortem of Tomb Raider! From mechanics and story to design and graphics, we cut deep with our impressions of Lara's rebirth. Be warned: this is a spoilerific discussion and beyond a breif note at the top of the show, we freely discuss spoilers without warning throughout the episode.

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